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November 2nd, 2018
It has been quite awhile since there has been an update. I'm sorry for that. A lot of things have prevented updates over the last few years ranging from computer and internet problems to real life issues. I'm sad to say this is not an official update, I am just posting a quick note as to why there has been no updates for awhile. It may be a bit before I can get anything done with the site still. I have fallen too far behind on too many things with the random issues over the years and it is taking awhile to catch up. A lot of my website files I had done are on my old computer which currently has no power supply as well so I will have to start coding a lot of the site again from scratch.

Site Updates
* Twitter and Facebook pages are being deleted, sorry about this but I don't have time to maintain them! Links were removed from this site to those pages
* Removed a few other sponser links that were broken from the bottom left of the pages